Destiny: the Taken King

Hey guy’s, this is Daniel.

This article is about Destiny/Destiny: the Taken King. Destiny is an FPS (first person shooter) game which takes you on a journey to bring back the light from which the darkness has stolen. The ‘darkness’ is an alien like force that is trying to take over all of the world.

destiny the taken king xbox one

This is the best game I have ever played in my life. NO JOKE.

I’m a level 34 Titan if anyone cares. I’m going to give tips, hints, and pointers to already playing guardians, and give help and advice to newcomers. Each class has a specific power and more as you get higher in level. Here is a list on each of the classes and their powers.

2016-02-16 20.13.00TITAN

  1. Striker. Deals Arc damage or in human, Electricity.
  2. Defender. Deals Void damage or in human, Magic.
  3. Sunbreaker. Deals Solar damage or in human, Fire.


  1. Gunslinger. Deals Solar damage
  2. Bladedancer. Deals Arc damage
  3. Nightstalker. Deals Void Damage


  1. Voidwalker. Deals Void damage
  2. Sunsinger. Deals Solar damage
  3. Stormcaller. Deals Arc damage

There thing is going around about what class should you choose first starting. Well, each class has their up’s and down’s. Starting of the first class you should come upon is a Titan.  The Titan is good at close quarters when you accidently run into your enemy in the crucible or the enemy like the Fallen, Hive, Vex, or the Cabal start running towards YOU.  The next is the Hunter, it is a long range unit so if you want to snipe an enemy, he is the best for the job. Last but absolutely not last, The Warlock, he is good as a backup guy. Like if you are about to die, count on anyone who is a Warlock.

Now I’m going to talk about the ‘Alien’ enemies. The first one that you will see is the ‘Fallen’. It is the first enemy you will face in the, what I call “The Tutorial” and until you get farther the only one you will face. Then you unlock the Moon which give you the Hive. The Hive is your typical alien which is like, deformed, human sized monster with arc claws to giants with MEGA Blasters. The next Planet/also Enemy you will unlock is Venus. The Enemy you will unlock is the VEX. The Vex is basically a robot, sooooooo… No problems with that. Finally we come to Mars. No not the candy company mars like the planet. You will find the Cabal. The Cabal may look fat but don’t underestimate them, they’re tough!

Well, that all for now guys and tell ya’ later

Keep Gaming.




Oh my God I landed on Park Place. “BOOM! You owe me $600.”


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So, I’m sure that you’ve been there. It’s a rainy day off of work and you decide to play a board game with your family or close friends. Research says that over half of families that will sit down and play a board game during their ‘family time’ will play Monopoly. Everyone sits down around the table with smiles on their faces to venture the tiny thimble or tiny Scottish Terrier around the board with every roll of the dice.

Since Monopoly is the 3rd most played board game in the United States (only second to chess and checkers) the odds were in my son’s favor when we agreed to sit down at the table and have some much needed family time. The game started, and as Monopoly usually will cause, the ‘winner‘ fluctuated as properties and railroads were purchased.

Monopoly holds another interesting statistic as it is the #1 game that is most likely to cause a family argument. According to an online poll, 46 percent of board game players claim a war of words ignites during the supposed fun family game time. During this race to bankrupt your loved ones, the dice is thrown harder and harder across the white square board. Curse words are mumbled under breathe as the burnt orange $100 bills are handed adjacently to the owner of Boardwalk conveniently stacked with 3 houses. The game was put on hold, so that the fires of tension of could become embers but the fire was reignited the next day. Tempers flared as concordats were drawn to help defeat the leading monopoly mogul.  There were contrite feelings and penitence over the sale of certain Railroad properties.

Near the end certain players politely gave up their respected properties as penance for unpaid rental fees. It came down to an 11 year old and a grown man. The grown man would end up raking up his last white $1 bill to satisfy an imposed fee. It would turn out that selling Park Place to the money hungry kid who happens to own Boardwalk might not have been a smart move.

Looking back though, who’s to say that the frustration we went through is just a rough-hewn method of growing closer to one another. We can’t take trivial games like that to heart. We must view that time spent together as indissoluble memories that we shall all smile and remember, despite the fact that I had over $3500 in Monopoly money that was disbursed to the owner of the Boardwalk.

No….I’m not bitter.

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease

  • Chris 🙂


Masters of the Universe and the 80s

When you walk down the preverbal hall of the most influential 80s pop culture icons you’ll probably walk past Madonna in her cone bra while Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” blasts from the wood cased floor speaker next to Rodney Dangerfield who just happens to be wearing his Speedo from Back to School. Somewhere near the A-Team van and KITT from Knight Rider would be a TV blaring visions of a sword wielding muscle man. No, I don’t mean a shirtless Arnold Schwarzenegger from Conan the Barbarian. I am referring to the Master of the Universe himself: He-Man. Ah, you remember He-Man now. “Most powerful man in the Universe.” Yeah, that’s him. he-man1111

He-Man is not just another pop culture phenomenon from the 80s; He-Man is now part of the Pop Culture’s vernacular. Now before you get all creeped out due to my obsession, I will tell you that I do love He-Man. Many of my influences and earliest memories in life revolve around the loin clothed equipped hero. I still collect He-Man and all related memorabilia. Whether it is a $500 1:4 scale statue or a package of He-Man party cups from 1985; I have it. It’s a bit obsessive but my wife tries to make it seem better to my in-laws by saying: ‘well at least he’s not an alcoholic’ or ‘at least he’s not buying drugs’.  Sometimes that makes her feel better and sometimes it makes me feel worse because my hobby could be compared to an addiction to cocaine.

I blame my loFB_IMG_1455070474719ve for He-Man on my two things: my mom and when I was born (which I also could blame on my mom, I guess). I was born in the early part of 1982 and for boys, He-Man was it. He was to boys, what Barbies were to little girls. The toys and show were my thing. I would walk around the house holding my plastic He-Man sword, spewing sound effects and “I have the Power at the top of my lungs. As the years flew by; Cats of Thunder, Warriors from the Stars, Teenage Turtles, Wrestlers, Morphin’ Rangers, Mutant Men and Caped Crusaders came in and made their mark but nothing could take the place of my beloved He-Man. Eventually I grewFB_IMG_1455070697967 up and Legos pushed my toys to a shelf, which led to a box which led to a closet. Most of my He-Man figures were lost deep in the recesses of never-never land amongst MASK vehicles and a plethora of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. I would secretly take my favorites out of their hiding places to see the bad guys die and the muscular warrior kiss the good girl and make the bad girl switch sides just to steal another kiss. Priorities changed as I grew and petrol needed to be purchased for vehicles. A beautiful light blue, fFB_IMG_1455070711309astback Mustang received a He-Man figure to adorn its dash. He-Man had continued in his journey with me. He now was a constant reminder of who I was and as the thunderous roar of a V8 echoed through the tinted windows, He-Man cruised on through life with me. Some people laughed and some people would see He-Man sitting on my dash boar and reminisce about how much they loved He-Man.


People still do that. Someone will see the sticker on the back glass of my current, not-as-cool ride or catch the background on my MacBook and comment about my He-Man background. SO, onward I shall go. The closeted He-Man have all been freed and placed inside a glass china cabinet. My office walls are now adorned with cel art from the original cartoon and advertisement artwork from the 80s. Do I take the figures from their Ivory Tower and play with them: uhm…yes. Will I continue to love He-Man: You better believe it. Not even Robert Downy Jr in an Iron Man suit could tear me away.


Super Bowl and the Commercials

Super_Bowl_50_logoWhether you’re an American football fan or not, chances are that you’ll enjoy the over-the-top commercials that come on during the Super Bowl. Within the throng of commercials costing upwards of $5 Million per 30 second ad, the melange of ads were for the most part lackluster. The redeeming ad of the night came early on by way of the Doritos Ultrasound Commercial, which quite literally made me laugh out loud.

The highlight of my night was definitely the movie trailers. Since we are North Carolina natives (and the fact that the Carolina Panthers are my sons favorite team (mine being the Washington Redskins)), we watched the game in its entirety. Since I love all of the Comic Book related movies, these trailers always make me come to the edge of my recliner. Whether it was Deadpool (which completely broke my son’s heart when he found out the movie will be a little too dirty for him to see), the beauty of Olivia Munn’s Psylocke slicing her way through the sky in the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, or the stand off of the iconic characters in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Honestly, what truly made the kid in me get a little nostalgic was seeing the extremely creepy, yet the disappointingly WAY TOO CGI Krang hit the inside of the glass belly of his humanoid suit.  Second to He-Man, the Ninja Turtles were the most amazing cartoon of my childhood. I thoroughly enjoyed the last TMNT movie; despite Megan Fox’s vapid performance, and I am hoping that this next installment is as entertaining. Despite the Super Bowl itself being a disaster and the commercials not being that great, all of these movie trailers fueled my yearning to see these movies.

Well almost all of the movie trailers fueled my lust for comic book influenced cinematic delights. Two movie trailers not just disappointed me but almost snuffed out the flames of excitement for an upcoming movie. The mock Turkish Airlines ‘ads’ for round trip air trips to Gotham and Metropolis that were mock ads for the completely overhyped Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. This ad portrays the movie in too comedic of a fashion. Along with the other trailers that I have seen, I think that this portrayal may be a complete juxtaposition to the Dark Knight Batman series and I’m not sure that I am going to like that. I hope that it doesn’t let me down because I sure do love a good comic book movie. Hopefully their millions of dollars don’t go to waste.


Geek Chic: The Revenge of the Nerds

nerdchart31 (1)When I was little, it wasn’t cool to be a ‘nerd’. I have never claimed to be a ‘nerd’ or gone by any other stereotype, but after spending 5 minutes with me you would change your mind. My obsession with He-Man, my love of Doctor Who or my comic book collection definitely push the boundaries of nerdom. I guess my reluctance to call or consider myself a ‘nerd’ is because of the negative stigma that has always been attached to the term. I have a problem with anyone being categorized or put into a box because of something that differentiates them from other people. But a study last year has recently categorized the “Nerdiest States in America”. This formulated breakdown of the American “Nerdom’ disturbs me because of what it lists as the criteria of being a ‘nerd/geek’.

The researchers used 12 areas of interest to build their master list. To do this, they analyzed Facebook data for every U.S. state (including the District of Columbia) to determine the percentage of users who fell under these categories. The categories were:

Star Trek: the Next Generation


Harry Potter

Star Wars

Anime Movies

Dungeons and Dragons

LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing)

Doctor Who

Fantasy Lit

Lord of the Rings

Magic: The Gathering

Comic Books

This list makes me out to be a HUGE nerd. I love 9 out of 12 of the items listed. I would like to think that I have grown into an extremely eclectic person but should I pigeonhole myself because I am a fan of almost all of these items on this list? I truly hate being categorized. I hate it because of the years that I spent being being bullied as a child and an adolescent. I DO NOT like discrimination of any kind and Webster’s Dictionary defines “Discrimination” as “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people”. So wouldn’t a kid in elementary school being bullied for reading comic books be bullying? Wouldn’t a teenager who is picked on by his classmates for liking Dungeons and Dragons a form of discrimination? The answer is pure and simple: yes.

I do not like this overt categorization for ‘nerdism’ because of my avert hatred of bullying. I fear the ostracization of the younger generation of kids, like my own son, who is into a lot of things on this list (and some things that aren’t). I don’t want my son growing up scared to admit that he likes comic books because they are too nerdy nor do I want him to stop reading and watching Harry Potter because someone thinks that those people are nerds. Does the fact that I like Doctor Who and collect comic books make me any less of a person? Do my He-Man figures and collectibles make me any less of a man? Does the fact that we watched a comic book based movie last night make me and my wife bad parents? Should I be placed in a category which for many years been been the ‘shunned’ part of the populous. If kids hear their parents talking about ‘nerd stuff’ or older brothers and sisters referring to a boy playing with Pokemon cards as ‘nerdy’ then that will become something that that child could be picked on about? I don’t want my child or any other child for that matter to be bullied. I don’t think that any child should be judged when he decides to wear a Star Wars shirt or wants to participate in LARPing after school.

My home state of North Carolina comes in 45th on the list of Nerdiest states. So does that mean that my children will be ostracized for not fitting in with the populous around them? Does that mean that because we or I don’t fit the standard deviation of what is ‘normal’ so much that there should be some kind of special category for me/us? Or is it something else?

With Comic and Pop culture conventions are popping up all over the place and ‘nerdy’ things are all over popular culture…why are the ‘normal’ ones scared to admit that its okay to be nerdy? On TV, geek-chic is the new cool. One of the most popular TV sitcoms is Big Bang Theory, who’s characters showcase a love for every item on that ‘ner’d list. Comic book based movies are #1 at the box office. Doctor Who is a world wide phenomena. The four day event in San Diego known as Comic-Con boasted over 130,000 attendants in 2012 (an is showing exponential growth every year). So why must the geek be ashamed? Why must the nerds run and hide? if I must categorize myself, I guess am proud to say that I am a nerd. I will proudly watch Doctor Who, read my comic books and continue with my somewhat strange obsession with He-Man. I will continue to buy Pokemon cards for my son, with whom I will not stop playing Pokemon cards while watching Guardians of the Galaxy while he is wearing his Hogwarts shirt.

So….we gotta talk about Star Wars.


Chris here. As a child of the 80s I grew up watching Star Wars. I had an older cousin that donated all of his toys to me when I was little and I held them in my little hands as I watched the VHS copies of the original trilogy. Needless to say it had a pretty amazing impression on me. As the years went by, and my high school years came around, I skipped school to stand in line to be one of the first to watch Episode 1 in the theaters. Yes I was one of those guys standing out front of the theater with fake light sabers and using ‘Yoda talk’.

So let’s fast forward A LONG TIME to 2016. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been out for a while now, and all I want for my birthday is to see it before it goes out of the theaters. Well thank God for my birthday because off we went. Popcorn = check. Coke = check. Wife = check. Son = check. Parents = surprisingly check. Sushi before the movie = triple check!!! Annoying college students that it seems I always end up sitting near them or their annoying perfume infested grandmother so that I can hear their annoying conversations and smell the nauseating smells going on around them while I’m trying to watch the movie that I have been dying to see = infinity check! (Anyways, I’ll discuss theater etiquette in a later blog. 🙂 ) So the movie. Oh the movie. I laughed, I sighed, I cried, I said “what the crap?!?” all while trying not to turn around and slap the college kid who is cracking a beer behind my 11 year old son’s head. Sorry. I got side tracked again. So, just in case you are the 1 person in America who hasn’t seen the new Star Wars movie, I won’t delve into any spoiler alerts but I will just say that it is full of NERD JOY!!!! It is what I needed in another Star Wars movie. It almost made up for Star Wars: a kid goes Pod Racing, I mean Phantom Menace. Anyways. Now I’m sliding the MacBook to Daniel who is literally poking me with a pretend light saber from the Star Wars excitement that he is wanting to share.


Hello everyone this is me, Daniel. I admit that I did get my light saber from my toy box and started poking my dad with it. Hey, it was worth it in my own little way. So to get started, I watched my very first Star Wars movie when I was about 7 or 8 and it was The Phantom Menace. It is my favorite Star Wars movie for three reasons: #1: DARTH MAUL (when I was 7 or 8 I had a double sided, red lightsaber, a Darth Maul mask aaaaaaand… was outside EVERYDAY.) #2: QUI GON JIN (Honestly, I don’t know why I like Qui Gon Jin so much but I used to think and still do that Master Qui Gon Jin was and is awesome.) #3: C-3po “Human Cyborg Relations” (I like C-3po in the Phantom Menace even though he was not displayed much but sometimes he was pretty hilarious. Like the time C-3po and R2D2 first met and this conversation started and ended quickly “bleep, whiir, ding, whis, MY CIRCUITS ARE SHOWING, OH DEAR!”

While Star Wars has some of the most amazing characters; such as Darth Maul, and Qui Gon Jin that get killed as soon as they appear, some characters like Luke, Han Solo, and his trusty sidekick Chewy stay alive to the very end. Thats all from me guys. So see or should I say tell you later!

Thanks for reading.

Love, peace and chicken grease.