img_1437Welcome to the Archives of Wisdom page. The page where we prove that we are the Pop Culture Kings.

Leading you on this informative journey will be me,Chris, and my son Daniel.

Daniel is your typical 12 year old who loves sports, video games and music.
I’m guessing that I’m not your typical 34 year old because even though I do love sports I’m more inclined to strike up a conversation about your Doctor Who shirt rather than my hatred of your Dallas Cowboys hat. I love pop culture, movies/TV, comic books, music, and collecting vintage action figures. Well now that I type that out, it doesn’t sound so bad…so maybe I’m not that different after all.

IMG_3425Daniel and I have a lot of varied interests and I am sincerely impressed with how passionate he is about things. I love He-man and comic books while Daniel is in love with video games and Batman. He loves Final Fantasy, Destiny and anything related to Pokemon. I am successfully pulling him to the dark side (pun intended) to cause a love of all the pop culture icons that make me smile. While he’s not quite old enough to read my favorite books, watch Game of Thrones with me and doesn’t care to watch Star Wars; we do share a love for some video games and comic book movies like Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men.  After rooting for the high flying wrestlers in the WWE while wearing a Star Wars shirt, we love to sit down and watch Ridiculousness or America’s Funniest Home Videos. We’re just your typical American family…right?

I hope that you find the things that we share interesting and if there is a specific topic that you’d like to know our opinion on then shoot me an email. 🙂img_0387

Email me: chbrown6@gmail.com


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